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Cowboys Make Big Plays Against the Chargers

The Cowboys took on the Chargers in i9 Flag Football – it was Playoff action as these two-teams got after it with some big plays. Enjoy as Paul J. Higgins brings you all the exciting…

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Cowboys Run Wild Over Chargers

The Cowboys turned it up a notch in their second game to bounce back from a week 1 loss as they roll to a convincing win over the Cowboys. Enjoy all the action. Narrated by…

Redskins Stay Undefeated – Shutout Chargers

Redskins Stay Undefeated – Shutout Chargers

The YTN Football Channel proudly presents Matt Leinart Flag Football as the Redskins take on the Chargers. The Skins stay undefeated on the season and in doing so shutout the Chargers. Paul J. Higgins has…